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AIR K - Service is the way to success. advance. progress.

General Overhauls

We offer general overhaul and revisions A, B of aircraft types Zlin Z 42, Z 142, Z 242, Z 43, Z 143 general overhaul and revision A Zlin Z 126, Z 226, Z 326, Z 526, Z 726 revisions A,B,C,D LET Kunovice L 200

New Paint & Interior

We give to your aircraft new face !!!

Replacement, Development

Wings and all replacement parts relating to them, New arrangement of engine and propeller(within general overhaul), Installation of AMU or Building a new cabin and navigation equipment.

We Eat Defects

Exchange of defective or non-compliant components, Repair after hard landing or Extention after end of Lifetech.

Z 42, Z 142, Z 242
Z 43, Z 143
Z 126, Z 226, Z 326, Z 526, Z 726
L 200